Please provide the following information, to get access to the benchmark questionnaire and get the norms Report (see example of it in figure 1).

After you sent your request we will send a link and a copy of the report. Our diagnostic tool helps you to understand the extent that your CI function is similar and different from other organizations.

The report summarizes the key results of our on-going CI benchmarking study. The main purpose of our survey instrument is to provide a
diagnostic tool for firms that have establish a Competitive Intelligence function. As part of our effort we are developing norms which will allow firms to compare their competitive intelligence function on nine dimensions.

Collection Policy: Our questionnaire is focused on CI practitioners; people who work in a competitive intelligence unit/function and provide intelligence to decision makers. Our objective is to develop a set of norms for CI practitioners’ organizations. Therefore, we will not include consulting, research and other firms that provide service or product to CI practitioners since it is inconsistent with our objective. We apologize for the inconvenient, but we need to focus on our target group to produce the right CI tool. If you are aware of any CI practitioner firms that might want to be part of our project, please let them know about our website. Thanks

Figure 1 - An extract of our Report

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