A limited number of companies are invited to come together in a full-day workshop to share ideas and experiences with each other and with subject experts and to enhance their Competitive Intelligence capabilities. The workshop series will be realized with the participation of Competitive Intelligence managers and/or directors who are interested in obtaining a superior understanding of how to plan, develop and achieve a world class competitive intelligence function. The workshop will be structured around a research-generated model of World-Class Competitive Intelligence developed by the workshop leaders; the model incorporates a project management approach to the enhancement of Competitive Intelligence. Participants will be asked to use the model to benchmark their current positions, to identify the phases of development their companies have gone through and to prepare action plans for further development. This series of workshop will also offer participants a unique opportunity to work with competitive intelligence professionals from other companies.

Participants will leave this workshop having:

- Created their own CI action plan
- Learned how to overcome difficulties and problems
- Obtained tools and methodology for improving their CI function

This workshop will offer a hands-on approach for establishing a world-class CI capability. The workshop has been designed to be highly interactive which comprises a mixture of short presentations, small-group activity and plenary discussion. Sharing imperative: Participants are asked to be highly contributive during the entire workshop session so that each company will be able to obtain new and fresh insight for their CI function.

Participants will get a copy of our new Workbook:

Establishing a World-Class Competitive Intelligence Function

Workbook, 90 pages

You can buy a copy of the workbook at:

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“Trata-se de um estudo bastante aprofundado sobre os pontos que devem ser considerados durante o processo de implantação de uma área de IC. Recomendo este workshop a todos os profissionais da área” Paulo G. F. de Abreu, EMBRAER, Brasil.

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This part of the workshop will begin with an introduction to a World-Class CI model, expressed in terms of outcome statements incorporating the key choices that must be made in defining what CI capability is best suited to the needs of an individual organization.

In this part participants are asked to compare their companies' current positions against the World-Class CI model. A tool will be employed to compare achievement against the world-class objective. Companies will therefore identify the strengths and weaknesses of their CI function and select what aspects need urgent improvement.

This part will take a longer-term perspective, addressing the issue of how to bridge the gap between current position and medium-long term target.


During break it will be collected the finding and prepare a summary regarding the global achievements of the group of companies so that companies can understand the current position against the overall group.


This part of the workshop is designed to identify actions that can be taken for achieving a better position against the World-class model. The companies will examine the key 9 dimensions of the model and discuss how to achieve a better position.
Small groups of companies will work in several areas and presentations will be done to the others companies as a way to share the findings and the Knowledge. Participants will discussing and comparing the difficulties they have encountered in implementing their CI function and the ways they have overcome them.

  Action Planning
This part of the workshop is designed to identify and prioritise the developments needed, and to prepare provisional action plans.